In this world the ones that say they have never been defeated, are the ones that have never experienced failing at anything. They're in a bubble of solitude. They will never take risks, and they are afraid of challenges. Well I got news for those who feel that way. You will never feel that you have mastered anything in life. You will never feel that when you hit a road block, it will test your strength to see if you can continue the fight. For those that have hit rock bottom before know that you can only go up for here on out. That's why you work so hard to achieve your success. If you fall you get up and try again. If your first approach didn't work, you make some adjustments that will work and you run with it till another snag comes along. But it's just a snag in the mix, all that calls for is scissors to cut that piece off. If it happens to unravel, and least you know how to put it all back together because you've been there before. Never a stranger to the downs, they will always be familiar faces. It's up to you to change that scenery. The ones that say they've never been defeated are liars. Because victory has defeated them, and they haven't figure out to master a new venture. Stay hungry my friends. Influenced by Paulo Coelho.


Bruce Leroy mastered the knowledge and art of the craft. Shonuff mastered the fire and strength. Put these two together you have an amazing fighter. They both were masters in their journey. But on of them had to be defeated. With this being said, those of you out there are missing things in your craft to master your art. You wonder why you're not there is because you haven't figured out that you need to be open to take control of yourself and also you can't be deaf to the things that are constantly defeating you. It comes a time when humble is going to take over but at the same time you have to over come being defeated and master it, so then you can come back to peace and be humble all over again. Out of respect for you, you need to master you! Don't be a coolie in this world, because you will get crushed like a fortune cookie.

Pharrell Williams book 'Places and Spaces I've Been' is a winner on my list. It takes a trip inside of the mind of an artists craft and ways to produce this craft of yours. Never compromise things because it takes away from your approach and delivery.




Like my Grampa Jam would say, "If you want it, You need to get a j-o-b. Once you get one then you can be Just Over Broke, but at least you'll have a job". Now this made all of us laugh. We don't want to be just over broke, we want to be well off. But what he meant by it was its a job to develop your work ethic so you can go out and get your career and make the big bucks and be well off. You have to understand that a job is temporary if you make it temporary. And if you keep it permanent then you go into a mind-set of what I call "insanity", doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. So don't be content! You need to excel. If you want more out of life you have to put in more work to gain more. You can't do a half ass job and expect to get a pay raise, it doesn't work that way around here. Those who work hard and even harder, get paid well. So they lied when they said hard work pays off. Wrong, it pays good as hell. No hand outs are given. Stop reaching! Get up and grab what you want out of life. Or you'll sit there going insane where you're at, being "Just Over Broke".
Thats spoken with heart. N.E.R.D fulfilled that every day. Admit it, you can call me a Nerd all day, that's just who I am. Whether it'd be with sports, technology, space, music and maybe even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can assure you I'll Geek out till you freak out. But you will never see me be a punk. If a challenge presents itself, I am game lets take it on. People, you can't be afraid of things, you're going to have to face it sooner or later. Why don't you overcome it now so you don't have to dread it for later. If you're taking a chance now, follow through till you can't do it anymore. Because if you stop before you even really get started then down the road your conscience and heart will question your decision. It will speak to you until you act on it or you let it go. But I say, don't be a punk. Don't let it go, finish what you said you were going to do. Be a Nerd and Geek out till they freak out over the buzz. It's our nature! It's Cool!
The Fresh Prince never played his "cool" card, he was C.O.O.L. If you're a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air fanatic then you know the story behind him wearing his private school jacket inside out. He wanted to stand out in a bland scenery, he wasn't trying to take away the focus of a prestigious private school, he just wanted to be himself and not be like everyone else. You have to change yourself in order to reveal new opportunities. Change isn't always bad but it is if you're closed-minded. You have to open your gallery of absorbing new things, new insights and at the same time reinvent yourself or you'll just be another copycat. You have to take a chance and be brave to stand behind your decisions. You have to have a backbone in this world! People aren't always going to understand your vision. Its your job to be a "Personable Person" to help them understand your vision. Make sure you have a clear point to help them understand the wild things you do. Stay fresh and Be cool!
I use to read Word-Up magazine, Salt N Peppa and Heavy D up in the limousine.. Well you all should know the rest. Bigge had a dream and he acted on it, no matter the circumstances. Mind state of a hustler. He knew what he had to do and let go of things that were going to hold him back to get where he wanted to be. His life was cut short but he still left a legacy behind. Now a days some artists mimic his style and his persona. He was original and he put his heart in it and he let his words do the talking. Coogi sweaters, pinky rings and sometimes in all black. You know the face, you know style, you know the words. Yeah it was all a dream, but it's only a dream until you make it into a reality. And if you don't know now you know.. RIP Notorious! Happy belated!
Self explanatory.. If you were grinding so hard for what ever you felt that your path was worth to keep going, did you have this people there, that family there that struggled with you?? I'm talking about the ones that were there 24/7, I'm talking about waking hours you get a text or a phone call to see if you're doing ok and are you healthy and worried about you getting some rest. I'm talking about when you felt like you couldn't do it anymore that they picked your head up and said "you're not giving up, you need to finish what you started"! That's real love and real principle. If you weren't starving with me don't think you have a place at the table with me. Because Ive been hungry, and I'm eating!
Even in the goofiest of times, a bow accents the persona. But just like the shoes, a pair doesn't make the player. The bow tie doesn't make the gentlemen. It all comes down to what mindset and how you carry yourself in that specific attire. It should come natural to present in the world, bold wardrobe calls for bold persona and confidence. Keep creating out there!



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Like Indiana Jones, Professor of the art by day, and an avenger of history by journey. He fought for what he believed in, no matter who or what tried to stop him. Always was a gentlemen when it was called for and then had to be a brave hard ass to survive. His knowledge and intelligence showed he had heart to take on everything that was thrown at him. Indiana Jones had a C.O.O.L legacy for those of us who watched that story unfold.