If you're already dragging because it's Monday, the rest of the week is going to eat you alive! Monday is the start of a new work week for the daily grind whether you have a job, go to school, or your out working on your dream. It's day is to start anew, each week is to see if you've progressed and each year tells you if you did what you had to within the 4 quarters. I say thank god it's Monday because its time to progress and finish what I couldn't finish last week. Those of you already waiting for the weekend to get here haven't worked hard enough to deserve that weekend again. You need to have the mindset of I am grinding on Monday just to get to Tuesday, then to overcome Wednesday(hump day), take on Thursday and slide by on Friday. Then a little r & r on Saturday, then regroup on Sunday. Everyday I am working, creating, tweaking! If you're waiting for the weekend, you ain't working hard enough! Stay hungry!


I know some of you are feeling that you're going slow in life's fast lane. You feel that things aren't going to change. Well the pace needs to be changed by you first before change can even manifest itself. You have to take ourself out of that down equation, because you'll need be happy until you start doing what you are willing to do. When you go out and grind for your passion/career choice , it's not longer a job, it's being happy! They say live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse. Well you can enjoy it at your pace going slow so you can see the legacy or impact you made before you got old. Enjoy your youth, no need to rush to your grave and no need to stay at a place in life where it will put you in a grave due to being unhappy. Go out and work on your passion, your hobby, your dreams. Wake up to something that you'll love what you do, and have a smile on our face to do what you love. Enjoy it like it's your last.






Why do I post #JamsWords? Years ago I use to send out morning inspirations through text to everyone in my phone book. I loved doing it because maybe someone was having a hard time getting up in the morning to go to class or to get up and go to work. I was hoping to give them that boost, and even if they didn't need it, they were able to pass it on to someone that I didn't get a chance to pass the word to. I love to inspire others throughout their day, and I always get it in return. Passing wisdom, changing hands of insight it can't get any better. Why do I speak of C.O.O.L? I want to change the aspect of clothing to attire, to help people see with the glasses the black, the white and the grays of the world and create something colorful. The bow tie signifies being presentable and to be taken serious and having that mindset in In street clothes as well. So I ask why do you get up in the morning? Why are you working? Why are you fulfilling your dreams? If you haven't fulfilled it, then why haven't you taken that step to go out and do it? What is your why?


Everywhere I go, I have so many songs that I hmm to, repeat lyrics out loud, sing to and vibe to. I can't go anywhere without my tunes. Music makes my days great. When I'm down I'll put on all rise from the ashes tracks. When I'm in a good mood, I need feel good vibes. When I'm angry I need something to work the nerve then smooth me out. Music speaks in so many ways to the heart and soul that life's sounds are on mute, and the music just takes over. You can't be so one sided in music these days because everything is incorporated and connected, it's too hard to just choose one, you just can't. It's an addiction that I will never quit and music rehab will keep injecting that substance. But this addiction I will never be use to because each genre hits your soul in a whole different way. I march to the beat of my own drum; but I also march to the beats that are on my playlist and that is everything! Keep vibing out there.


Whose world is this?? The world is for those who create everything within the world. The world is yours!


My heart goes out to those who's homes that are in danger with the wildfires taking place here in CO.


The differences between a rut and a grave are; depth and one is temporary. If you're going through some hardships right now, it's only a rut that you can get out of. It could be worse, you could be 6 feet under pushing flowers. You have to understand that there are people in this world that probably have far worse problems than what you're going through.  I'll tell you this, you're going to go through some more ruts in your life regardless of how successful you are. When you fall into a rut, ask yourself will I be able to get out of this hole? If it was worth it to start it and then hit a rut, then it's worth it to climb out and continue. Climb on to the top, have all your equipment and mind ready for what ahead. Don't be discouraged, that feeling is only temporary, you're working for a long life of happiness.


I may hurt some  people with this one. Water only quenches your thirst. Food and Food for thought feed the appetite. But, when you're grinding so damn hard with your work, sometimes you forget to eat. That shows that you will eat when you're finished with your task. You can go without water for 7 days yes, but in the real world you better only be thirsty for water not anything else. All of these "can i get a shout out, please". Thanks for saying please, but I have two questions to ask back. What real work have you done for yourself lately. What are you doing in life to make a person want to give you a shout out? If you're just asking to gain friends and you have no substance to provide, I don't have anything for you. Just another person trying to come up on some else's come up. You ain't working hard you're just a tag along, you sound like a Girl Scout cookie. Don't depend on that you're going to get a hand out when you haven't showed or worked for anything. How do expect to get something when you show no work ethic that you deserve that very thing. When you're hungry for something but your head is in your studies, your music, your designs, you're not think about eating you're thinking about all the possibilities if you stop working that someone is going to take your spot. It is a fight to the top, the seats aren't limited, it just comes down to who is the hungriest to get there. Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty is not the way to live, because once you get a sip you're going to try and overindulge yourself and forget how sweet it is to search and work for what you're looking for, opposed to just having handed to you. Those come to you on your birthday(sometimes). So I'm telling you, stay forever hungry and never be thirsty. But don't settle until you feel that you can't do it anymore, and that should be never. Always move forward! Don't be mad at me, you should've been hungry.


Never Satisfied 

If you're unhappy with your life's situation, why are you sleeping?? Sleep is for those that want to get up every morning preparing to be insane for the rest of their life. Rest; now that's a different story. You need rest to heal your body. Rest gives you the needed energy to tackle your plans for your blueprints and succeed with your goals, one by one. Some are going to have to give up some sleep and put a couple more hours of work in. As for the oversleepers, I guess they don't want anything that bad because they've slept their days away. Being lazy is a sin to yourself. Who is waiting for a handout? I'll stop you right there, handout's only come in the form of brochures and samples. If you don't understand that then your are not awake! Sleep is the cousin of death. Success is the cousin of work ethic. Do the math. If you've been through Hell, you're gonna go through it two or three more times. Never be satisfied with your work, stay forever hungry to do better than your last work entry. 


Your first impression is rated on your persona and gestures. But if you really look at the facts, it all comes down to how presentable you are in your first impression. Humble ways and wise trades are great plays. If you're mind is staying ahead to keep the the flow going, like they say "go with the flow." The glasses are my eyes that sees all of the black and white areas of the world that are in need of some C.O.O.L. The bow tie is to show you I mean to be dapper and I'm here speaking from my appropriate persona that I carry. You may think these are just accessories but in fact they are necessities that go with the lifestyle. In this day and age if your first impression isn't presentable like these two items, then you're not ready for that formal dinner party, outing with a client or just a place of mingle to meet someone new. You have to have this under the hood as if you were Clark Kent  wearing his cape and underoos under his suit. Or like Peter Parker ready for his leap to defeat his foe wielding his camera . They both come prepared.  It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than having an opportunity and not be prepared. As you should know you must be ready at all times, your persona goes with you everywhere, that is what will take you places. If your great work ethic accents your persona, then what do you have to worry about. Keep it C.O.O.L. don't be a coolie.