I may hurt some  people with this one. Water only quenches your thirst. Food and Food for thought feed the appetite. But, when you're grinding so damn hard with your work, sometimes you forget to eat. That shows that you will eat when you're finished with your task. You can go without water for 7 days yes, but in the real world you better only be thirsty for water not anything else. All of these "can i get a shout out, please". Thanks for saying please, but I have two questions to ask back. What real work have you done for yourself lately. What are you doing in life to make a person want to give you a shout out? If you're just asking to gain friends and you have no substance to provide, I don't have anything for you. Just another person trying to come up on some else's come up. You ain't working hard you're just a tag along, you sound like a Girl Scout cookie. Don't depend on that you're going to get a hand out when you haven't showed or worked for anything. How do expect to get something when you show no work ethic that you deserve that very thing. When you're hungry for something but your head is in your studies, your music, your designs, you're not think about eating you're thinking about all the possibilities if you stop working that someone is going to take your spot. It is a fight to the top, the seats aren't limited, it just comes down to who is the hungriest to get there. Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty is not the way to live, because once you get a sip you're going to try and overindulge yourself and forget how sweet it is to search and work for what you're looking for, opposed to just having handed to you. Those come to you on your birthday(sometimes). So I'm telling you, stay forever hungry and never be thirsty. But don't settle until you feel that you can't do it anymore, and that should be never. Always move forward! Don't be mad at me, you should've been hungry.



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