The Fresh Prince never played his "cool" card, he was C.O.O.L. If you're a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air fanatic then you know the story behind him wearing his private school jacket inside out. He wanted to stand out in a bland scenery, he wasn't trying to take away the focus of a prestigious private school, he just wanted to be himself and not be like everyone else. You have to change yourself in order to reveal new opportunities. Change isn't always bad but it is if you're closed-minded. You have to open your gallery of absorbing new things, new insights and at the same time reinvent yourself or you'll just be another copycat. You have to take a chance and be brave to stand behind your decisions. You have to have a backbone in this world! People aren't always going to understand your vision. Its your job to be a "Personable Person" to help them understand your vision. Make sure you have a clear point to help them understand the wild things you do. Stay fresh and Be cool!


05/25/2013 8:02am

WOW! I will check back daily to read your words of inspiration! Keep up the good work! I will try to stay C.O.O.L.


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