Like my Grampa Jam would say, "If you want it, You need to get a j-o-b. Once you get one then you can be Just Over Broke, but at least you'll have a job". Now this made all of us laugh. We don't want to be just over broke, we want to be well off. But what he meant by it was its a job to develop your work ethic so you can go out and get your career and make the big bucks and be well off. You have to understand that a job is temporary if you make it temporary. And if you keep it permanent then you go into a mind-set of what I call "insanity", doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results. So don't be content! You need to excel. If you want more out of life you have to put in more work to gain more. You can't do a half ass job and expect to get a pay raise, it doesn't work that way around here. Those who work hard and even harder, get paid well. So they lied when they said hard work pays off. Wrong, it pays good as hell. No hand outs are given. Stop reaching! Get up and grab what you want out of life. Or you'll sit there going insane where you're at, being "Just Over Broke".

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