Everywhere I go, I have so many songs that I hmm to, repeat lyrics out loud, sing to and vibe to. I can't go anywhere without my tunes. Music makes my days great. When I'm down I'll put on all rise from the ashes tracks. When I'm in a good mood, I need feel good vibes. When I'm angry I need something to work the nerve then smooth me out. Music speaks in so many ways to the heart and soul that life's sounds are on mute, and the music just takes over. You can't be so one sided in music these days because everything is incorporated and connected, it's too hard to just choose one, you just can't. It's an addiction that I will never quit and music rehab will keep injecting that substance. But this addiction I will never be use to because each genre hits your soul in a whole different way. I march to the beat of my own drum; but I also march to the beats that are on my playlist and that is everything! Keep vibing out there.


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