Never Satisfied 

If you're unhappy with your life's situation, why are you sleeping?? Sleep is for those that want to get up every morning preparing to be insane for the rest of their life. Rest; now that's a different story. You need rest to heal your body. Rest gives you the needed energy to tackle your plans for your blueprints and succeed with your goals, one by one. Some are going to have to give up some sleep and put a couple more hours of work in. As for the oversleepers, I guess they don't want anything that bad because they've slept their days away. Being lazy is a sin to yourself. Who is waiting for a handout? I'll stop you right there, handout's only come in the form of brochures and samples. If you don't understand that then your are not awake! Sleep is the cousin of death. Success is the cousin of work ethic. Do the math. If you've been through Hell, you're gonna go through it two or three more times. Never be satisfied with your work, stay forever hungry to do better than your last work entry. 


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