Your first impression is rated on your persona and gestures. But if you really look at the facts, it all comes down to how presentable you are in your first impression. Humble ways and wise trades are great plays. If you're mind is staying ahead to keep the the flow going, like they say "go with the flow." The glasses are my eyes that sees all of the black and white areas of the world that are in need of some C.O.O.L. The bow tie is to show you I mean to be dapper and I'm here speaking from my appropriate persona that I carry. You may think these are just accessories but in fact they are necessities that go with the lifestyle. In this day and age if your first impression isn't presentable like these two items, then you're not ready for that formal dinner party, outing with a client or just a place of mingle to meet someone new. You have to have this under the hood as if you were Clark Kent  wearing his cape and underoos under his suit. Or like Peter Parker ready for his leap to defeat his foe wielding his camera . They both come prepared.  It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than having an opportunity and not be prepared. As you should know you must be ready at all times, your persona goes with you everywhere, that is what will take you places. If your great work ethic accents your persona, then what do you have to worry about. Keep it C.O.O.L. don't be a coolie.



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