"Couldn't see me as Spider-Man, but now I'm spittin Venom". Childish Gambino, talent, talent, and talented in multiple fields. Acting, Stand-up, Rapper, DJ, screen play writer. He does it all, and the crazy thing is he hasn't even started to cause destruction. A lot of ppl are taking NyQuil on this guy. Stop hitting the snooze button on this man. Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, a one man show, a guy that knows real recognizes real, outspoken yet not ashamed, a Creator Out Of Life.


"Never in a millions year I imagined to get my thrills, of listening to squeals of the PJ wheels". Pharrell a game changer in the highest form. Partner in crime to Chad Hugo and Shay, or aka N.E.R.D. Star Trak. If you do not know about this guy and N.E.R.D. you better do your home work, seriously. I can go on for days. Pharrell, a game changer, an designer, A Creatir Out Of Life.


Each day I will recognize an icon, inspirational, creative person of our past present and future. To show the Creators Out Of Life of the day that create great things for the world. Whether it's music, change, lifestyle, hope, design, a voice, they display the key things to be COOL. #cooloftheday


This was a great man who passed away. A man that preached and drove equality of the ppl of a nation that was corrupted. Locked up for 27 years not because he caused a crime but because he stood for something. He brought change to that world that he was made president. An icon, a game changer, a Creator Out Of Life..


The only motive is motivation. Taking over a world is pretty complex. But if you create little by little, that new world can be yours because a piece of your mind went into it to have your ownership. I'm speaking to the entrepreneurs, scholars, visionaries, creators and to the ppl who want to belong to a hard working creative new world. Stay hungry, Keep COOL!


Bane was the best villain. He put things in perspective for Batman to realize his walk of life. It's pretty simple, winning made Batman weak. It's kind of like how success softens people and takes away their edge and hunger. So was Banes mastermind to shake up Batman to test him to see if he was still hungry?If you watched the Dark Knight Rises then you know the answer. You should be hungry each time you get a taste of that sweet success or accomplishment. Don't let victory defeat you! Stay hungry, be COOL.


Grind for all of the little things, because they will pay off to an even bigger scale later on. Even when you aren't feeling up to par to do these tasks you should get it done just like if you were up for the challenge. Stay hungry, be COOL.