If you're already dragging because it's Monday, the rest of the week is going to eat you alive! Monday is the start of a new work week for the daily grind whether you have a job, go to school, or your out working on your dream. It's day is to start anew, each week is to see if you've progressed and each year tells you if you did what you had to within the 4 quarters. I say thank god it's Monday because its time to progress and finish what I couldn't finish last week. Those of you already waiting for the weekend to get here haven't worked hard enough to deserve that weekend again. You need to have the mindset of I am grinding on Monday just to get to Tuesday, then to overcome Wednesday(hump day), take on Thursday and slide by on Friday. Then a little r & r on Saturday, then regroup on Sunday. Everyday I am working, creating, tweaking! If you're waiting for the weekend, you ain't working hard enough! Stay hungry!



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