In this world the ones that say they have never been defeated, are the ones that have never experienced failing at anything. They're in a bubble of solitude. They will never take risks, and they are afraid of challenges. Well I got news for those who feel that way. You will never feel that you have mastered anything in life. You will never feel that when you hit a road block, it will test your strength to see if you can continue the fight. For those that have hit rock bottom before know that you can only go up for here on out. That's why you work so hard to achieve your success. If you fall you get up and try again. If your first approach didn't work, you make some adjustments that will work and you run with it till another snag comes along. But it's just a snag in the mix, all that calls for is scissors to cut that piece off. If it happens to unravel, and least you know how to put it all back together because you've been there before. Never a stranger to the downs, they will always be familiar faces. It's up to you to change that scenery. The ones that say they've never been defeated are liars. Because victory has defeated them, and they haven't figure out to master a new venture. Stay hungry my friends. Influenced by Paulo Coelho.



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