Why do I post #JamsWords? Years ago I use to send out morning inspirations through text to everyone in my phone book. I loved doing it because maybe someone was having a hard time getting up in the morning to go to class or to get up and go to work. I was hoping to give them that boost, and even if they didn't need it, they were able to pass it on to someone that I didn't get a chance to pass the word to. I love to inspire others throughout their day, and I always get it in return. Passing wisdom, changing hands of insight it can't get any better. Why do I speak of C.O.O.L? I want to change the aspect of clothing to attire, to help people see with the glasses the black, the white and the grays of the world and create something colorful. The bow tie signifies being presentable and to be taken serious and having that mindset in In street clothes as well. So I ask why do you get up in the morning? Why are you working? Why are you fulfilling your dreams? If you haven't fulfilled it, then why haven't you taken that step to go out and do it? What is your why?


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