I know some of you are feeling that you're going slow in life's fast lane. You feel that things aren't going to change. Well the pace needs to be changed by you first before change can even manifest itself. You have to take ourself out of that down equation, because you'll need be happy until you start doing what you are willing to do. When you go out and grind for your passion/career choice , it's not longer a job, it's being happy! They say live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse. Well you can enjoy it at your pace going slow so you can see the legacy or impact you made before you got old. Enjoy your youth, no need to rush to your grave and no need to stay at a place in life where it will put you in a grave due to being unhappy. Go out and work on your passion, your hobby, your dreams. Wake up to something that you'll love what you do, and have a smile on our face to do what you love. Enjoy it like it's your last.



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